Winning At Roulette – Is It Possible?

Casino roulette players are beating the wheel with the power of 3. I’m not talking about the 3 dozens or the 3 columns… or the number 3 itself. I’m referring to a very powerful law that applies to the game of roulette. One which undeniably occurs on every roulette wheel in the world.

This law, known as the law of the third, relates to the average expectancy of an event to occur within a series of events. More specifically, one third of the possible outcomes will not occur during the series. So what does this mean to the roulette player? Let’s break it down and take a look.

First, a double zero roulette wheel has 38 pockets. The 1 – 36 plus the 0 – 00. This gives a total of 38 events in our series. Now we must divide the 38 by 3. This gives us a number of 12.6, representing one third. Remember, the law of the third means that one third of the possible outcomes will not occur. So, we must now subtract 12.6 from the 38, giving us a number of 25.4 which will occur.

Therefore, if a roulette wheel was spun 38 consecutive times, we know that only an average of 25 unique numbers will occur. Knowing that approximately 13 numbers will be repeat numbers in the series gives the player a tremendous opportunity to cash in big if you know how and when to be on those numbers when the repeat occurs.

Using a solid betting strategy which takes into account the law of the third, it is possible for the roulette player to win substantial amounts of money.